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"Declassified: The Price of Freedom Is Evident Here"

The SVA-VCA (Veteran Coalition of Arts) in conjunction with the historic George Washington Hotel presents “Declassified: The Price of Freedom is Evident Here,” on November 12th the 2nd annual, veterans group exhibition to showcase the work military veteran students have created while studying under the GI Bill at SVA.

This group exhibition pays homage to SVA’s military history, showcasing how personal experiences have shaped the work of the artists. The show will be taking place at the mezzanine of the George Washington Hotel, located on the corners of 23rd street and Lexington Avenue in New York City.

The George Washington Hotel has been occupied by many famous writers, musicians, and poets including, Dee Dee Ramone, playwright Jeffrey Stanley, Al Hodge who played Captain Video in the popular children's 1950s TV series, W. H. Auden and Christopher Isherwood. Minoru Yamasaki and a team of architects drafted the early plans for the World Trade Center in a suite at the George Washington.

This years Artists include:

Joel R. Chapman (Binghamton, New York): U.S. Marine Corps veteran, two-time Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran; student, BFA Photography Department.

ESSAM: (New York) He joined the US Army in 2003 where he served three years as a geospatial analyst.  In 2006 ESSAM enrolled in the School of Visual Arts where he received a BFA in Photography.  It was the military that informed his work as an artist were he now seeks to create conversations on both social and political issues. Over time ESSAM’s work became more experimental until in early 2012 he began working in the streets of New York. Over a 9-month period working stealthily by night he created his most notable work.  ESSAM’s Drone campaign received national media attention and is largely responsible for raising awareness and bringing the dialogue on foreign and domestic UAV use to its current level.  In November of 2012 ESSAM was arrested in his home by the NYPD for his artistic work on drones, his case is currently pending.

Kylene A. Kasch (Morris Plains, NJ): U.S. Marine Corps veteran, OIF-5 (Al Anbar Al Asad, Iraq) Student, BFA Illustration Department.

Brian Kelso-Gillespie (Knoxville, TN): 22 yr old veteran.  Served four years in the United States Navy, stationed in Hawaii. Also I am a computer art major, that likes to create different types of fine art. I am very interested in making work that depicts traumatic feelings within one self.

Brandon Michael Hall (Newton, KS); United States Marine Corps Veteran in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom; student, BFA Photography Department.

Chris T. Miller (Brooklyn, New York): U.S. Air Force, two-time Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran; student, BFA Design Department.

Rebecca Storer (Stockton, CA): U.S. Navy veteran in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom; student, BFA Photography Department; president, SVA-VCA; resident advisor at SVA.

Frankie Torres (Arecibo, PR): U.S. Marine Corps veteran in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom; student, BFA Photography Department; VFX/3D character animator.


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"Declassified: En Avant"