Captain's Log

Baby Steps

Well I’ll keep traveling still my heart finds peace, but even when it does I’ll keep moving.

Cuz there’s so much to see, ground beneath bare feet.
— - Nahko Bear "I MUA"

First steps can be hard, but sometimes taking the second step is harder. Here it is, step two. (Let's hope step three does not take me another three weeks.)  Before we jump into chatting about my travels, I want to tell you about a blog I have started reading.  The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus write about living a meaningful life with less stuff. Much of what I am reading on their site is articulating my perspective on many topics in a way I am not sure I would ever be able to do, and introducing me to concepts that while simple are surprisingly profound. The one that has me slowing down a bit before writing about my recent travels here is the idea that everything we bring into our lives, or offer to others, should in some way add value to life.

Stumbling upon this blog and this idea at this point in my journey has been extremely useful, in all areas of my life. The easiest example being that I have packed for two months in just a carry on suitcase, and a backpack. Not that packing this way wasn't hard enough, but now while I am traveling I have daily decisions to make when I purchase items or am offered a gift, regarding how to travel with this new item. Determining its value has been a simple way of making the decision. Start with three questions:

1) Does it add value to my life?

2) Is there space for it in my luggage now?

3) If not, does it add enough value that I am willing to let go of something already in my bag to make space for this new item?

If I can answer yes to two of the 3 questions, it's in and the problem is solved. If I cannot, it must be left behind or found a new home. Simple yes, easy not always. Try it on your next shopping trip, and tell me what you think!

The value concept applies to so much more than just material possessions. I have found myself applying it to the hours in my day, the things I read or listen to, and writing here as well. This is why I have decided not to focus on a regular posting schedule, and ensuring "something" is written on a timeline for you to "fill" your days with. Updates will happen when I have something important or exciting to share with you. In this effort my intention is to make a blog you want to read and engage with, rather than just browse and look at pictures (which I swear are coming.)