Captain's Log

As requested...

"I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” 
― William Ernest HenleyEchoes of Life and Death; 

 So I travel a lot, by "a lot," I mean more than most people who do not travel for work. My travel is in part by choice, but really it's a necessity.  The thought of staying put makes me anxious. Try as I might, I have yet to find a place to call home. 

 Through-out my travels, I have met many people I have come to know and love, and the short time we have spent together does not effect my desire to share and interact with everyone as often as possible. For a long time I thought Facebook would forever suffice... I was wrong. There has been an increasing demand for me to start a travel blog. Well, I have heard you loud and clear, and here it is. 

 What better time to start than while I am on a trip? Currently I am on the east coast of Florida, about 24 hours from heading over to the west coast of Florida. Why you ask? Because on July 8th 2015, I am moving to Guangzhou, China. Between now and then I have many "I love you, and I'll see you later"s to get in across the U.S. This trip started on Friday February 13th, and looks to continue till early April.  (Check back later for posts about where I have been the last few weeks.)  

 For anyone who missed the FB post, I have accepted a position with Education First in China to teach English to children. (Go ahead and leave your comments on that and any grammar issues you find below. This is not sarcasm; I actually appreciate group critique on educational topics.) To answer four of the most common questions:

No, I do not know Mandarin, yet.

I have one friend in China, Brian, who lives 16 hours from where I will live.

No, I have never been there.

The contract is set for one year, but who knows what happens after.

 If you have any other questions feel free to leave them below. I am also open to comments, suggestions, or concerns, tips, tricks, and useless knowledge. Spoiler Alert: my motto has become, "because I'm moving to China." So please don't take offense if that happens to be my answer to a question (I'm a little excited!)  

 My missing you all will be the same from China as it is from anywhere else I have been, but in this blog I hope to build a bridge to cover the distance between our thoughts of each other. Till we meet again, travel safe and look for your silver linings.